Fred T. Goldberg, Jr.

Board Member

Mr. Goldberg’s government service has included service as IRS Chief Counsel (1984-1986), IRS Commissioner (1989-1991), and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy (1992). From 1992 through 2017 he was a tax partner in the Skadden, Arps Washington, DC Office. Since that time he has been Of Counsel at Skadden, where he is presently Co-chair emeritus of the Firm’s Diversity and Pro Bono Committees. In addition to his ongoing work on tax controversy and tax policy matters, he currently devotes around half his time to diversity, mentoring and pro bono matters on behalf of the Firm. Fred is currently co-chair of the tax working group committee of the Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance (LFAA), a coalition of more than 300 law firms around the country donating pro bono time to matters addressing racial justice issues. In addition to his LFAA work, his primary pro bono matters are supporting the following initiatives: (i) Environmental Justice programs addressing the adverse impact on health, family wellness and education outcomes caused by environmentally challenged affordable housing and schools in low income and historically underserved communities; (ii) programs to expand equity and opportunity at both ends of the education pipeline; (iii) extension and reform the Child Tax Credit; and (iv) much needed improvements in taxpayer service and tax compliance. Fred and his wife Wendy have five children and nine grandchildren. They also serve on a number of nonprofit Boards with missions focused on health, education, and racial, criminal and economic justice.