Board of Directors

of Peer Navigator Project

Anthony Graves spent 18 ½ years incarcerated for a murder he knew nothing about.

Twelve of those years were spent in hellish conditions on Texas’ Death Row. He was freed and exonerated on October 27, 2010. Today, Anthony brings optimism and his unique perspective to the challenge of reforming our broken criminal justice system.

Through multiple execution dates and the challenges of keeping his soul intact, Anthony saw the worst that Texas had to offer. He was railroaded by police officers and Texas Rangers who fabricated evidence, lied in court, and manipulated witnesses. He endured a prosecutor -now disbarred for what a federal court called “egregious prosecutorial misconduct” – who hid evidence, bent the law, and pursued an unjust death sentence.

In prison, Anthony reflected on a broken system that allows young men and women to languish under harsh sentences. Every night on Death Row, he planned for the day he’d walk out of prison a free man. He planned to bring change to a system so often unfair to those who come before. He planned for the P.A.T.H. to Success Re-entry Program and the good work it is doing today.

Please join Anthony Graves in fulfilling his dream of creating a criminal justice system that treats people fairly, strives for equality, and respects the humanity of the guilty and innocent alike.

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